Pick cotton silk saree tradition and their charm

A Banarasi silk saree is the most Treasured possession of any Indian girl. These sarees have been acclaimed highly not only in India, but throughout the world. Banarasi are soft, smooth and quintessentially Indian – something that each and every woman would want to wear and own. These sarees are in the ancient city of Varanasi where tens of thousands of weavers are engaged in weaving these gorgeous pieces. The significant kinds of Banarasi sarees are – pure silk katan; organza kora, georgette, and shatter. The ancient art of making Banarasi was passed down from 1 generation to another and it continues to flourish till this day.

Cotton Silk Sarees

It is thought that the making of those sarees rose to prominence during the Mughal era. Indian designs were mixed with Persian motifs to produce the distinct pattern that describe Banarasi sarees today. In the earlier times, Banarasi silk was worn only by individuals from the royal families. These used to be made from original silver and gold threads and were priced at several lakhs of rupees. Occasionally weavers took as long as one year to weave a saree. But because the use of simple threads began, even the common person is now able to afford it. A Banarasi silk saree meets all the requirements of a wedding Saree and can be worn by many brides on their wedding day. The lustrous selection and impeccable designs of this sarees have made them a favourite of the brides. The saree can be found in rich colours like orange, red, royal blue, purple, blue, green and so forth.

A Banarasi saree cannot don’t flatter a woman. It is an Immediate fashion statement. Surviving for generations, this is 1 saree which has remained unfazed in the middle of the fluctuations in the fashion world. Today, Banarasi silk sarees are exported all around the world. The broad availability of cotton silk saree online has made it even easier to purchase theses sarees in the comforts of your house. Buy one from among the several stores and revel in its rich beauty. Be certain you check its authenticity before purchasing so you know you are getting value for the money.